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Personal Injury


Personal injury cases arise when the negligence of another person causes injuries. Personal injury cases are challenging from a legal standpoint, as well as a personal standpoint. A broken arm from a car or motorcycle accident, for example, has a vastly different effect on an office worker than a construction worker, or even between the parent of an infant versus the parent of a teenager. Depending on where you are in life, an injury from accidents or defective products can be an inconvenience, or a life-altering financial or personal catastrophe.

Personal injury cases are difficult because they take time. Your case cannot be moved to resolution until you have recovered as fully as the injury allows. Depending on the severity of the personal injury, this can take months or years. This waiting period is very frustrating, particularly if your finances have been thrown into disarray by lost wages. During your recovery, we gather information from every source possible about what happened to cause your injury. As lawyers we are very thorough so we can be fully prepared for the next step - negotiating with the other party's insurance company - as soon as your recovery is complete.

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