Fierce, Dedicated And Experienced Representation

Personal Injury Lawyer with experience and dedication for preparation and hard work

Since Attorney TeWinkle has been representing injured parties since 1996, she understands all the burdens created on someone’s life when they get injured by the actions of another. She understands the different burdens on a woman, a man, a child or a family.

When you are injured as the result of the wrongful actions of another, you are not thinking of the things that need handled. You are trying to focus on your health. While that is going on, suddenly the weight of no paycheck, kids, medical bills and doctors’ appointments start overwhelming you. Our office can’t help with those things, but we can take charge of your claim for damages, while you recover and get your life back.

When you hire a lawyer to handle such a intimate and devastating event, you need to know the lawyer involved has the determination and fortitude to handle the matter to the conclusion of payment of money, as that is all an attorney in these cases can do. Attorney TeWinkle is that attorney. If you have a matter where you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death as the result of the wrongful actions of another person, call our office at 814-454-1100. Laurie is licensed in both Pennsylvania and New York State.

A Compassionate Ally When Accidents Strike

Predicting a serious injury to you or a loved one is nearly impossible. After being blindsided by an injury, finding the smoothest path to recovery and compensation can be just as difficult without the help of an experienced personal injury professional.

Laurie C. TeWinkle of the Law Offices of L.C. TeWinkle has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in personal injury cases. Laurie’s blend of compassion, skill and tenacity has benefited countless injured individuals in Erie.

Experienced Representation When You Need It Most

Whether you are on the road, at the store or in a health care facility, someone else’s negligence can affect you wherever you are. Laurie’s breadth of experience allows her to represent clients after a broad spectrum of unfortunate incidents, including:

Insurance companies may try to avoid paying out the coverage you deserve after an injury. Laurie understands the tricks used by insurers and can represent you in appealing claims to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

A Skilled Approach To Your Personal Injury Case

The Law Offices of L.C. TeWinkle is devoted to providing help to Erie residents in need. That is why Laurie’s approach focuses on you first. From your initial consultation until your case is resolved, Laurie serves as an empathetic ear and a fierce ally. She works tirelessly to understand your needs in order to draft legal strategies designed to meet your needs and obtain the best possible outcome after your injury.

Don’t Let The Clock Run Out On Your Claim – Call Now

Pennsylvania adheres to a two-year statute of limitations regarding personal injury claims, so time is of the essence. Contact the Law Offices of L.C. TeWinkle in Erie by email or by phone at 814-454-1100 to schedule a consultation and get the representation your case deserves.