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Real Estate Matters

Buying or selling real estate can be a stressful experience. Just like when a baby is born, a buyer or seller of real estate often thinks I am never doing this again. After time, the happiness from a new house, like that of a child, settles and you buy or sell again. It is a complex and can be time consuming experience. In the commercial setting, it can be difficult, technical and slow paced.

Attorney TeWinkle has handled all forms of real estate transactions for over 25+ years. She started as Legal Counsel with Baldwin Bros., Inc. a closely held group of corporations and partnership that invested in real estate all over the country. Once she started her private practice in 1996, she continued to handle real estate transaction from residential purchases and landlord tenant issues to commercial leasing and commercial transactions. For two years, she worked at Northwestern Legal Services, reviving their representation of tenants who were being evicted and qualified for representation. If you need representation in Erie, PA, Western, PA, or the Southern Tier of New York, please call my firm at 814-454-1100.